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Diamond Rose Crystal Lamp with 16 Colors

Diamond Rose Crystal Lamp with 16 Colors

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 Touch & Remote Control Switch
This crystal diamond lamp offers both touch and remote control functionality for convenient operation. Control the lamp's 16 colors, 4 lighting modes, and 3 brightness levels (25%/75%/100%) with the remote. Alternatively, simply touch the top of the lamp to turn it on/off and adjust the light.

 Rechargeable & Long-Lasting LED
Enjoy the mobility of this rechargeable desk lamp, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With a long LED lifespan, this lamp ensures durability and portability. It stands at a height of 21.5cm/0.7ft with a width of 9cm/0.29ft.

Modern Design & Elegant Aesthetic
Experience the exquisite and noble design of this crystal table lamp, adding a touch of elegance to any room. Its gorgeous appearance creates a comfortable and romantic atmosphere, perfect for various settings such as bedrooms, living rooms, studies, dressers, and more.

High-Quality Rose Diamond Table Lamp
Crafted from acrylic material, this table lamp boasts clear lines, smooth edges, and a simple yet sophisticated design. Its diamond-like shine and rose-shaped shadow exude a sense of romance and luxury, making it an eye-catching addition to any space.

 Versatile Decoration
Illuminate your space with the captivating glow of this crystal table lamp, suitable for various settings including home, balcony, dining table, and beyond. Its simple, luxurious, and romantic design makes it perfect for enhancing the ambiance of bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, studies, corridors, balconies, closets, hotels, coffee shops, and more.

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